Macro-economics of the Public Sector: Fiscal Challenges for Europe's Welfare States

Not offered in 2013/14

This course considers the main fiscal challenges that confront European welfare states today, focusing on long-term issues, such as the link between public finances, and long-term economic growth, the ageing of society, energy resource scarcity and climate change. Another central aspect of the course is the benchmarking of European welfare states to their peers in the OECD and G7 when it comes to fiscal sustainability and fiscal rules. Given that the course is taught in Berlin, Germany is usually covered.

The course also analyses fiscal issues that confront other levels of government, such as the sub-national level as well as the European level. Finally, the course looks at European dimension of fiscal rules: the stability and growth pact, the 2020 agenda as well as the quality of public finances. The role of the various actors are discussed (i.e. the member states, the European Commission and the Council of Ministers) in the Stability and Growth Pact as well as the conditions under which a member state receives EU sanctions.


Mark  Hallerberg, PhD Hertie School of Governance
Professor of Public Management and Political Economy, MPP Director


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