Study: German philanthropic sector wants more than it can manage


Small-sized foundations with limited resources have taken on the lion’s share of German philanthropic activities [more]

Governance Report: EU Leaders Must Not Turn Muddling Through in Crisis Mode into a System


Hertie School of Governance publishes analysis of most recent EU policy

Hertie School to Research on Behalf of UNESCO


Report on the Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions

Emmanuel Macron Visits the Hertie School


Watch the discussion with France's Minister for the Economy, Industry, and Digital Affairs.

Hertie School of Governance Establishes Practice Council


Wolfgang Dold, Federal Foreign Office, Becomes Chairman of the Council

Anthony J. Blinken on Transatlantic Cooperation and the Crisis in Ukraine


Watch the Lecture and Discussion with U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken.

Wolfgang Ischinger, László Andor & Jan Minx Join Hertie School | Faculty Talk Innovation at German Chancellery


Read the latest edition of the Hertie School Newsletter for more about these and other stories.

Hertie School Sustainability Days


First student-organised project week on sustainability and green living from 1-5 March [more]

Wolfgang Ischinger appointed as Professor at the Hertie School


Chairman of the Munich Security Conference will teach in the „Master of International Affairs“

Meet the Class of 2015


The MPP Class of 2015 Profiles are now available for download. [more]

Jan Minx appointed Professor for Science Policy and Sustainable Development


Berlin, 9 February 2015 ‒ The Hertie School of Governance welcomes Jan Christoph Minx as professor for Science Policy and Sustainable Development. His professorship constitutes the backbone of the cooperation “Governance of the... [more]

Jean Pisani-Ferry: Why the ECB's Quantitative Easing is right


Jean Pisani-Ferry refutes twelve indictments towards the ECB in the debate about expanded purchases

Helmut Anheier and Johanna Mair present ideas to Chancellor Merkel


Hertie School Faculty members part of the Federal Government's "2nd International German Forum” [more]

Hertie School part of major EU research project to accelerate digital whistleblowing


Project DIGIWHIST to help improve transparency in public spending. Civil society invited to contribute.

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