Hertie School Sustainability Days


First student-organised project week on sustainability and green living from 1-5 March [more]

Wolfgang Ischinger appointed as Professor at the Hertie School


Chairman of the Munich Security Conference will teach in the „Master of International Affairs“

Meet the Class of 2015


The MPP Class of 2015 Profiles are now available for download. [more]

Jan Minx appointed Professor for Science Policy and Sustainable Development


Berlin, 9 February 2015 ‒ The Hertie School of Governance welcomes Jan Christoph Minx as professor for Science Policy and Sustainable Development. His professorship constitutes the backbone of the cooperation “Governance of the... [more]

Jean Pisani-Ferry: Why the ECB's Quantitative Easing is right


Jean Pisani-Ferry refutes twelve indictments towards the ECB in the debate about expanded purchases

Helmut Anheier and Johanna Mair present ideas to Chancellor Merkel


Hertie School Faculty members part of the Federal Government's "2nd International German Forum” [more]

Hertie School part of major EU research project to accelerate digital whistleblowing


Project DIGIWHIST to help improve transparency in public spending. Civil society invited to contribute.

Ulrich Beck Obituary


Helmut K. Anheier pays tribute to world-renowned German sociologist Ulrich Beck who died on 1 January. [more]

Clegg on the UK's Role in the EU | Berlin: A City of Optimists | Enderlein Pisani-Ferry Report on Reforms, Investments & Growth


Download the latest Hertie School newsletter for these and other highlights.

Handelsblatt "People of the Year 2014” Election at the Hertie School


Guest articles by Helmut K. Anheier and Henrik Enderlein. Students vote for John Oliver. [more]

Hertie School students apply cutting-edge research to improve school life


If you ever find yourself in the men’s bathroom at the Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, you are likely to notice a small etching of a fly inside the urinals. What you may not realize is that the presence of this fly, by subtly... [more]

Hertie School hosts Global Public Policy Network Conference 2014


President Helmut Anheier welcomes six deans from leading public policy schools worldwide

Study: Civil participation – wanted in theory but neglected in reality


Relatively few German citizens actively participate in political decision-making processes [more]

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