Apply now for the next start of the Executive MPA Programme in September 2017! How to apply:

Step 1 | Create an Online Account and complete the Online Application Form at

Step 2 | Upload the following documents:

  • Curriculum Vitae (in English or German)
  • Letter of motivation (in English or German, preferably in English - two pages or 900 words maximum)
  • Copies of official academic transcripts and diplomas of all attended universities. Every transcript must include a transcript key (an explanation of the grading system). If these documents are not in English or German, the applicant needs to provide us with a certified/notarised translation into English or German. Hard copies are not required until after acceptance into the programme.
  • Two letters of reference (in English or German, or: a certified/notarised translation into English or German), of which at least one comes from the current or your last employer of the applicant. The other one can also be issued by a referee from academia. Applicants who undergo an annual performance evaluation by their employer can replace one of the reference letters with this document. The Hertie School may decide to contact the referee(s) to confirm the authenticity of the issued document(s).
    Reference letters can also be sent to us by the referee directly, either as an email attachment to, or via regular mail to: Hertie School of Governance Executive Degree Programmes, Friedrichstr. 180, 10117 Berlin, Germany.
    Reference letter should be on official letterhead (if applicable) and include an original signature. Contact details of all referees should be listed in the "References" section of the online application module. Reference letters can also be handed in after the application deadline.
    Reference letters are not requested from candidates nominated/dispatched by their employer after passing an internal selection process in their organisation.
  • English proficiency certificate (for non-native English speakers, if applicable)

Step 3 | Submit your Application

Applying for the Executive MPA programme

The Executive Master of Public Administration is aimed at professionals from all sectors. Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • a good higher education degree in any discipline (typically, Executive MPA participants have a background in business/economics, law, social science or natural sciences)
  • at least two years of relevant work experience (average is ten years)
  • proficiency in English

Applications for the next Executive MPA class starting in September 2017 are possible via the Hertie School's online application module at

Application Deadlines:

  • Round 1: 15 March 2017 (deadline for most internal scholarship programmes)
  • Round 2: 15 May 2017
  • Round 3: Late Applications until 15 August 2017

Applications are reviewd on a rolling Basis. Applications for a reduction in the tuition fees (Hertie School scholarship programme) are accepted as long as funds are available. Both free spots as well as scholarship funds are limited and the programme is in high demand, which is why early application is strongly recommended.

The selection committee may decide to invite preselected candidates to a phone or skype interview. The committee also decides on the admissions for the new Executive MPA cohort.