Public event

Luncheon with Colombia’s Minister for Commerce and Trade Maria Lorena Gutiérrez

We are excited to announce that a delegation from the Hertie School in Berlin is coming to Bogotá to foster the school’s relations with Latin America and to connect with our existing and prospective partners, representatives from the Colombian public, private and civil society sectors, as well as alumni and prospective students. Read our press release.


Maria Lorena Gutiérrez, Colombia’s Minister for Commerce and Trade

The architecture of the Colombian peace process – An overview of the process and its effect on stakeholders, policy making and society

Opening Remarks

Axel Baisch, Managing Director of the Hertie School

This lunch reception is an opportunity to meet members of the delegation and learn more about the Hertie School’s teaching, research and outreach. We are grateful to have Minister Lorena Gutiérrez deliver her keynote as part of our international alumni workshop on the Colombian peace process, supported by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

The Hertie School is a private university based in Berlin, Germany. It prepares exceptional students for leadership positions in government, business, and civil society. Since the inception of the school over 140 students from Latin America have graduated and numbers are continually rising.  Interest in our study programmes is particularly high in Colombia where we have established a fruitful cooperation with Colfuturo.