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Graduate programmes

Executive Education

Registration is possible throughout the year on a first-come, first-served basis, via our online application module. Admission is subject to availability. 

Find more information about the application requirements and fees of the individual courses or certificates here.

Doctoral programmes

Information for students from India, China, and Vietnam

In order to obtain the necessary student visa to Germany, students who have obtained their degrees in India, China and Vietnam have to acquire the APS certificate in these countries before applying for the visa.

The Academic Evaluation Center ("Akademische Prüfstelle" in German, or APS) operates as an agency within the German embassies in respective countries. The primary objective of the APS procedure is to authenticate the academic documents of applicants from China, Vietnam and India aiming to study in Germany.

Processing times for the APS certificate vary but students should apply for the certificate early on to ensure a smooth and accelerated visa process.

We, therefore, encourage students in India, China, and Vietnam to check the information on APS as early as possible and start the APS procedure even before applying to the Hertie School, if possible.

Please refer to the country-specific information on the APS certificate here:

Students in India are also encouraged to contact the Hertie School representative in India Nitij Singh for more information on the APS procedure.