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Connecting with fellow admitted students

Whether you’ve decided on the Hertie School already or are still exploring your options, Goin’ gives you a preview of your Hertie School community.

A University education is not just about what you study, but who you study with! Your peers in the programme are an integral part of your Hertie School experience. Whether you’re coming from near or far away, getting a sense of who you might spend your next two years with can help you to make a decision about the next steps in your academic journey and start building community before you even arrive in Berlin. That’s why we’re pleased to offer Goin’ to our admitted students – a platform that allows students to make friends and share information with their future peers.

“Goin' was my main resource for learning about the Hertie community. Especially the cultural and sports groups helped me to understand the local culture, the city, and to connect with others. – Sumit Anand, MPP 2024”

Where does it fit into the process?

After you’ve received your offers of admission and financial aid, you will be invited to both, a 1-on-1 meeting with a member of admission staff as well as invited to the Goin’ platform. Around two weeks after your admission notification, keep on the lookout for an email from the Hertie School inviting you to register for Goin’. You can then download the app, register, and have the chance to create a profile.


What can you do once you’ve registered?

The 1-on-1 calls are a great way to get administrative and curricular questions answered, but we know that chatting with other students is much more helpful to get a sense of community. Who will your friends be? Where will you live? What’s the best source for the spices you miss from home? When are the best open mic nights? Goin’ will give you a chance to crowdsource the answers to these questions, and start making friends as you do. You can sort and filter for other students who share your background or interests to connect directly, as well as join groups around shared questions and interests, all without having to give out your personal contact information. There are also current Hertie School students already on the platform eager to share their experiences and connect.

“Goin' helped me to connect with my future classmates while the semester was still a few months away. Seeing the diversity of my cohort and connecting with people over shared interests made me really look forward even more to my time at Hertie – Jakob Albrecht, MPP 2024”

Goin’ is also student-driven in its content: the groups are created by your fellow students, so it’s easy to make it serve your needs. There might be more cricket, jazz, or rock climbing enthusiasts in the student body than you think, and creating a group is an easy way to find them. The more you make use of Goin’, the more useful it will be!

Moving hundreds or even thousands of kilometres for university is daunting, and we want to make sure you feel confident that you’ll have both academic and social community. Using Goin’ can help you start building your life in Berlin by creating your community before you even arrive. Keep an eye on your inbox for that Goin’ invitation after your admission and join us!

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