Executive MPA priority deadline is 1 June

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There’s still time to apply for a scholarship for the Executive Master of Public Administration, a flexible master's programme for mid-career professionals.

With the priority deadline coming up for the Executive Master of Public Administration, we’d like to remind you that we are accepting applications for three full scholarships up until 1 June:

These scholarships cover 100% of the tuition fees for the Executive MPA and are open to applicants of all nationalities. To apply for one of the above, please submit a standard application for the Executive MPA programme in our online application portal first.

Am I eligible to apply?

If you have completed a bachelor’s degree or higher in any discipline and have at least three years of work experience, you are eligible to apply for the Executive MPA. Please note, however, that the average Executive MPA student has had between 5-15 years of work experience before starting the programme, and the average is nine years.

How does the Executive MPA differ from the other master’s programmes (MPP, MIA, MDS)?

First of all, the profile of the typical Executive MPA student is different. In general, students are more advanced in their careers when they enter the programme, and are looking to expand their professional horizons or change career trajectories. The cohort sizes are also smaller – around 30 in the Executive MPA compared to ca. 150 in the MPP programme or ca. 100 in the MIA.

The Executive MPA is also flexible in ways that the other programmes are not. While the MPP, MIA and MDS are two-year, full-time programmes, you can complete the Executive MPA in one year full-time or two years part time. And unlike the other programmes, the Executive MPA curriculum is organised into block courses that do not meet on a weekly basis. This allows students to tailor the programme to their own personal and professional schedules and continue working while completing their degree if they choose.

For more details on how you can tailor this executive master’s programme to your own schedule, see our previous blog post and conversation with Executive MPA programme manager, Juliane McCarty.

Attend an upcoming webinar to find out more

This month we have two webinars coming up on the Executive Master of Public Administration. Attend a session to learn about the programme's structure and curriculum, how to apply, and more.

Want one-on-one advice? Schedule a consultation with the admissions team!

If you’re considering whether this programme is the right fit, please feel free to schedule a call on Calendly with Isabell Nagel from the admissions team.

If you prefer to send your questions via e-mail, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at empa-admissions[at]hertie-school[dot]org.


The final deadline to apply for the Executive MPA is 15 August. However, we encourage those applying for financial aid or a full scholarship, as well as international applicants who will require an entry visa, to apply as soon as possible.

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