Financing your studies: scholarships

Scholarships at the Hertie School, what they cover and how to apply.

In the first part of this series, you heard about our financial aid programme. This week, you get the scoop on our scholarships.

What are scholarships and what do they cover?

Unlike financial aid, our scholarships cover 100% of tuition for our study programmes. Scholarships come in the form of tuition waivers and therefore can’t be used for anything other than tuition. For some scholarships, we do work with organisations that provide financial support for living costs in Berlin.

How do you apply for one?

First, take a look at the scholarships we offer here. You may choose only one scholarship per study programme, so once you’ve picked the scholarship you feel is right for you, think no further and apply! Make sure you check the instructions and deadlines on each scholarship page carefully – most require an additional essay or statement. While you don’t need to submit your application and scholarship essay at the same time, you must submit both before the scholarship deadline.

Lastly, remember to select the scholarship you’re applying for in the Financial Information section of the online application form.

How do we pick the recipients?

Here’s a peek into our three-step selection process:

  1. Outstanding candidates are shortlisted based on how well their profiles fit the scholarship and the strength of their scholarship essay.
  2. Pre-selected candidates are invited to a Skype interview with a Hertie School faculty member. During the interview, candidates can expect a discussion on their essay, relevant academic topics, and their personal motivation to study at the Hertie School.
  3. We award scholarships based on your profile, essay and interview.

How can you boost your chances?

And finally, to answer the question on most people’s minds… the easiest way to increase your chances is simply to apply. You can enhance the odds by making a smart choice about which scholarship best fits your profile. Discussing your CV and interests with a friend, maybe even a sympathetic sceptic, will help you make an honest assessment of your strengths and choose the right scholarship for you.

The best advice we can give is to pick a scholarship and topic you are passionate about. If you’ve made the right choice, writing the essay should feel engaging. You won’t need extra time to preparing for the interview, either, as you’ll talk about things that already interest you. While all of this won’t ensure you’re selected, if you approach the process as an interesting experience, it might boost your chances of getting the scholarship you want!


Find out more about which scholarships are available for the MIA, MPP, MDS and Executive MPA here. See our recent interview with Ellipse Rath (MPP 2022), who was awarded the Sustainability and Energy Policy Scholarship.

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