Three questions with Andrea Römmele, Dean of Executive Education

The Professor of Communication in Politics and Civil Society reflects on the benefits of executive training for senior-level professionals and her approach to teaching.

Dean Andrea Römmele, Professor of Communication in Politics and Civil Society, shared insights on the Hertie School’s continuing education programmes for experienced professionals. In addition to offering seminars and certificate courses for individuals, the university’s Executive Education department specialises in designing training tailor-made to organisations’ particular needs in the areas of public administration and public finance; management and leadership in business in government; German politics, European integration and global governance; policy and digital transformation.

Why should senior-level professionals who are already balancing busy work schedules pursue continuing education?

We live in an information society where access to knowledge, first-hand experience and lifelong learning are key for decision-makers at the highest levels in all industries. At the Hertie School, we address this need through education – from full-time master’s degrees for those just beginning their careers to workshops for employees and leaders with plenty of work experience.

Our programmes help senior-level professionals navigate rapidly changing fields and equip them with the tools they need to become better leaders. Executive Education courses are wonderful opportunities not only to share your own expertise, but also to network and learn about best practices and real-world issues from senior-level counterparts in other industries and fields.

What sets the Hertie School’s Executive Education programmes apart?

We’ve had a lot of success since launching our first training programmes targeted towards mid to senior-level professionals in 2004. In the last year alone, more than 1200 people successfully completed our programmes and went on to implement change in the public, private and non-profit sectors.

We offer single seminars and certificates – for example, in public sector innovation, global policy and diplomacy, and digital transformation – which take place throughout the academic year. Credits from these courses can also be transferred to a full Executive Master of Public Administration degree over time. For organisations looking for training programmes for their staff and teams, our Executive Education programme coordinators can tailor highly customised programmes to suit specific environments and circumstances unique to your institution. We’ve collaborated with institutions like GIZ, Open Society Foundations and to facilitate exchange and further development with the latest tools in governance and management.

If your organisation is interested in custom training for staff, reach out to us at executive[at]hertie-school[dot]org.

As Dean of Executive Education and Professor of Communication in Politics and Civil Society, how do you approach teaching and learning?

I always want my students to leave my class remembering the Hertie spirit and the special way we teach: through interaction, connecting people and connecting their specific work to theory. We try to prepare students with material in advance so they meet each other ready to discuss.

One of the most memorable moments in the Executive Education courses has actually happened just recently. I was teaching my standard course on governmental communication and crisis communication and asked the students about their own experiences. One student was working for the Ministry of Emergencies of Ukraine and was responsible for informing Ukrainian citizens about incoming air strikes via their mobile devices.

I myself always learn so much from our groups since they come to the Hertie School with so much expertise and knowledge themselves. It always is a great learning journey for me as well.


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  • Andrea Römmele, Dean of Executive Education and Professor of Communication in Politics and Civil Society

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