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Executive MPA application guide: Curriculum vitae

Tips to optimise your CV for admission to the Hertie School’s Executive MPA.

The curriculum vitae is the first thing we read while evaluating your application to the Executive Master of Public Administration. At least three years of work experience is required for admission to this programme. Think of your CV as an elevator pitch that gives us a snapshot of your most important achievements.

If you’re applying for the Executive MPA, chances are you’ve already been working well beyond three years. Even with all that experience, try to keep your CV between 2-3 pages, and highlight only the most relevant points. Remember, the Executive MPA admissions process also includes an interview, where you can elaborate on your experiences and specific skills in greater detail.

Tip: Keep your CV between 2-3 pages and highlight only your most relevant experiences.

What counts as “relevant experience”? We welcome candidates from all sectors – public administration, the private sector and the non-profit-sector – as well as professionals who are either preparing a change of sector or are on a sabbatical or parental leave.

While your CV is a summary of your professional life, it need not be limited to what you’ve accomplished on the job. Feel free also to include any extracurricular and volunteering activities you have taken part in, as this shows us what causes you’re passionate about and how you spend your time outside of work.

Tip: Including volunteering activities in your CV can show what causes you’re passionate about outside of work or class.

As for CV formatting, keep it simple and uncomplicated. Fancy fonts can make documents appear busy and hard to read. Make sure to highlight your education and experiences chronologically so that the admissions committee can see how you’ve progressed throughout your career. Also, please do not include a photograph. Let your experiences describe who you are.

Tip: Keep formatting simple, and do not include a photo.

Remember, your CV is only one component of your application. Our holistic approach to evaluation means that we will also consider the strength of other application documents as well, including your letter of motivation. More on that coming up next!

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