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Executive MPA application guide: Letter of motivation

What makes a great personal statement for the Executive MPA? Read our tips to find out where to start.

We can’t stress the importance of the letter of motivation enough – along with your CV and transcripts, the letter of motivation plays a key role in tying together your story. It provides the space, in a maximum of 900 words, for you to show the admissions committee what you’re passionate about and what drives you. It can also give us a peek into your personality. Even if your grades and experience are on point, an overly general letter may show a lack of clarity about your reasons for pursuing this executive degree. So read our tips on what makes a great motivation letter and get started today!

Unsure of where to start or what to write? Here’s a tip: begin by researching the programme thoroughly and taking a look at the three options for specialisation – Leading Innovation and Managing Change, Digitalisation and Big Data, or Global Governance Challenges. Do you already have an idea of which area you’d like to focus on? Why?

Researching the programme and making the motivation letter specific will ensure that it becomes a basis for a deeper conversation in the admissions interview.

Tip: Consider what Executive MPA specialisation most interests you and why.

Remember that the letter of motivation is an opportunity to introduce yourself in your own voice to the admissions committee, explain how the Executive MPA is relevant to your career goals and express what you hope to get out of the programme. With this in mind, in your letter of motivation, please feel free to tell us more about yourself, your background, your educational history and your career thus far. You may consider the following questions as you write:

  • Why do you want to study at the Hertie School, and what are your expectations for the Executive MPA programme?
  • Where are you working now and what does your professional trajectory look like?
  • How will the Executive MPA programme empower you to get where you want to be?
  • What skills and experiences will you bring to the classroom and to a tight-knit group of peers and professionals?

If you are applying for one of our scholarships you may need to say so in your letter of motivation in order to be considered. You should check out the requirements on each scholarship page first.

Tip: You may need to highlight your interest in a specific scholarship in your letter of motivation, so check the scholarship application requirements carefully.

We encourage you to spend enough time reflecting on the letter and the Executive MPA programme itself. Link your past roles and professional experiences to what the Executive MPA has to offer. And think about where you want to take the skills that you learn in the programme in your future career.

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