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Executive MPA application guide: Transcripts and diplomas

What’s all the fuss about academic transcripts, and just how much do grades factor into admission to the Executive MPA? Here’s the info you need.

The Executive MPA is certainly a little different to our other master’s programmes. Rather than being fresh out of university, you will have several years – if not decades – of professional experience under your belt. Yet whilst these years of experience speak to your suitability for the programme, we also need to take a look at your past academic performance. After all, the Executive MPA is academically rigorous. Let’s take a dive into a key part of your application: transcripts.

Along with your professional history and letters of reference, transcripts detailing your time at university help us better understand your suitability for studying at the Hertie School. Although only one part of a holistic application process, academic transcripts from your university degrees can tell us a lot about you.

So, here’s all you need to know about transcripts, diplomas and everything in between.

It’s important to remember that transcripts form only one part of a comprehensive application process. We want to understand who you are as a whole. For the Executive MPA, we’re especially interested in understanding what you have done since university. After all, your grades don’t define you! Tell us what you have done, where you have gone, and how your university experiences have shaped your professional career in your letter of motivation.

The priority deadline for Executive MPA applications is 1 June.

If you have any doubts or questions, please reach out to us at empa-admissions[at]hertie-school[dot]org or ask an admissions rep live during our weekly office hours.

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