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Looking for a bite to eat near campus? Here’s what students recommend

A culinary guide to the 10117 Berlin-Mitte neighbourhood and beyond

Berlin is a diverse city where you can find food from all over the world. We asked some current students from different parts of the globe about their favourite food spots near campus, where in the stress of everyday life you can take a break from studying and enjoy a nice meal!


Submitted by Alina Menocal (MPP 2023, Costa Rica)

Recommended restaurant: Chupenga

Type of cuisine: Mexican, burritos

Favourite dish: Burrito bowl with chicken, lettuce, sour cream, refried beans, cheese, guacamole

Why Chupenga? “The size of the portion makes it worth the money, the environment is good, and it is close to campus.”

Other tips for incoming students: “I recommend students to go to the café Auf die Hand because the Wifi works from Hertie!”



A bowl of spicy noodles in red oily sauce sits on a table with a pair of chopsticks placed to the side.
A bowl of noodles in a clear broth is picture with a side dish at the top and a pair of black chopsticks resting on the bowl.

Submitted by Gülce Tuncer (MDS 2023, Turkey)

Recommended restaurant: Liu

Type of cuisine: Chinese, Sichuanese, noodles

Favourite dish: Sichuan Zajiang Nudeln

Why Liu? “This restaurant is actually spicy!”

Other tips for incoming students: “Get a salad at Rewe and eat it on the steps of Gendarmenmarkt.”



Submitted by Ben-joop Venter (MPP 2023, South Africa)

Recommended Restaurant: Frittenwerk

Type of cuisine: Canadian, fries

Favourite dish: Any of their loaded fries

Why Frittenwerk? “Because of its proximity to the school.”

Other tips for incoming students: “I recommend Zwipf Coffee. It’s a good place to unwind and relax. Funnily enough, the barista bar says ‘Laptops verboten’ (laptops prohibited) because it’s meant to be a laid back place where you can enjoy the art of coffee. I recommend the dirty chai tea.”


Beyond the area around campus, current students also recommend:

And that’s just a starting point. We hope you have fun exploring all the culinary options Berlin has to offer!


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