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Meet Prospect Burma scholar Sane Lei Nwe (MPP 2022)

Read our interview with the current first-year MPP student and learn more about the scholarship.

The Hertie School’s Prospect Burma Scholarship is one of our newest financial aid and scholarship programmes. For thirty years, Prospect Burma has supported talented students from Myanmar in their pursuit of education abroad. This scholarship grants one recipient a 100% tuition waiver worth 34,500 euros for the MIA or MPP programme, as well as a living cost grant for two years in Berlin worth approximately 16,800 euros.

We spoke with Sane Lei Nwe, a first-year Master of Public Policy student from Myanmar and current beneficiary of the Prospect Burma Scholarship programme. She graduated from the University of Yangon in 2018 with Bachelor of Arts in International Relations. Read the interview below.

What were you doing before starting your studies this fall?

Before joining Hertie, I worked as a project officer at a consulting firm, as a public diplomacy intern at the EU Delegation in Myanmar, as a programme associate at the Myanmar Centre for Responsible Business – which is a joint initiative of the Institute for Human Rights and Business – and at the Danish Institute for Human Rights. Before starting my academic year at Hertie in September, I prepared required documents to complete the admissions process, read some books recommended by professors, and attended some info sessions held by the school for new students. I also contacted some senior students to know more about their experiences at Hertie.

Why did you choose the MPP programme?

The main task of an organization that I worked for was mostly about analyzing the weaknesses of the government’s policies and providing policy recommendations. While I was working there, I studied many weaknesses in Myanmar’s public policies. Hence, I deeply wanted to participate in delivering efficient policies and public services. Therefore, in order to understand more about policymaking and public management, I decided to study public policy for my master’s degree.

As a Prospect Burma scholarship recipient, what motivates you to be engaged with your community in Myanmar and to contribute to the country’s growth after you graduate?

Since I was an undergraduate student, I have had a strong interest in labour affairs because I do not like the high external migration rates, lower job opportunities, and poor working conditions in my country. I also think that many graduates in our country would not go to foreign countries if we could provide them with better working conditions and benefits. Therefore, after finishing my master’s degree, I would like to actively participate in creating strong and feasible policies to promote labour rights and better working conditions in our country.

What would you recommend to prospective students interested in applying for this scholarship programme? Any tips?

The programme is a great opportunity for any Myanmar student who would like to explore more about policymaking via a western education system. Moreover, the school offers many public policy areas so that you can pursue your own interests. I would like to recommend prospective students interested in applying to study the website of the school carefully and see if the school offers any specific subjects that they are interested in. As students will spend about two years in Germany, they should also do some research on German culture and evaluate if they want to learn more about it.

If you are sure about your willingness to study at Hertie, you should prepare the required documents in advance to have more time to invest in your application, and read the instructions carefully. If you have any questions about the scholarship and admission to the school, you should not hesitate to contact the responsible people from Hertie and Prospect Burma. They also helped me a lot during my application process.

You started your studies online due to the pandemic. What advice would you give to prospective students who want to pursue their master’s degrees in spite of the uncertainties we’re all facing today?

When I decided to do my fall semester online, I was really worried. However, the school provided many online platforms to accommodate online lessons and communications between students. Despite having some difficulties due to differences in time zones, it was a productive semester and the quality of the lectures was also great. The only things that I missed during the first semester was the opportunity to taste German culture. However, I am planning to travel to Germany next semester, and I am already excited for new experiences. Therefore, if you are sure that Hertie is a suitable school for you, please do not let the difficulties that you might face during this pandemic period stop you. Prepare your applications and documents well and try hard to get the scholarship. Everything will come along.


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