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Meet the Curricular Affairs Team!

Part of our Curricular Affairs department. Read on below and get to know the rest of the team!

Each semester, our Curricular Affairs Team coordinate courses and schedules for all MPP, MIA, MDS and Executive MPA students. Get to know the people who make it all happen.

Rigorous academics, an interesting selection of courses to choose from and fruitful discussions with your classmates are a large part of what defines a rewarding study experience at the Hertie School. In just a couple of weeks, either online or on campus in Berlin, around 500 students will take their first classes or start their second year.

With 78 courses (including 45 electives) and 48 labs, and a majority of these running onsite or hybrid, there’s a lot that goes into planning and scheduling to ensure that things run smoothly, especially with the added layer of pandemic complexity. So today we’re excited to introduce the people that make the magic happen – our Curricular Affairs team!

Meet the team

Black and white portrait of Jonida Popi in a grid shirt and with arms crossed.

Jonida Popi | Associate
My main responsibilities include course planning and lab allocations, coordinating teaching assistants, Professional Development Courses (PDCs), and providing administrative support to teaching assistants, in-class supporters, adjuncts and external instructors, postdocs, etc.

Tom Adam | Associate
I am largely responsible for MPP, MIA and MDS course enrolment and advising students on the registration process. I ensure that students can inform themselves about courses before making choices and coordinate with instructors on how they will teach in the upcoming semester.

Marta Palombo smiling and wearing a blue sweater and gold necklace.

Marta Palombo | Associate
I coordinate with our in-class supporters who help instructors with online classes, and I help organise the Math Boot Camp, a training session for new Hertie students to refresh their maths skills. I also take care of communication with students.

Juliane McCarty | Manager Executive MPA
I am the first point of contact for Executive MPA students – for general counselling, course enrolment, balancing work and studies, and more. I also take care of quality management and teaching planning together with the Director of Curricular Affairs.

Monique Poggendorff | Associate
I organise the master's thesis processes and master’s thesis poster exhibitions, conduct course evaluations for all the master’s programmes (MPP, MIA, MDS and Executive MPA). I also review internship reports and issue internship confirmation letters for MPP, MIA and MDS students.

Gabriel Tarriba | Director
I oversee all administrative matters of the department and am directly involved in financial and curricular planning and management. Mainly, I ensure the smooth operation of the department and its effective collaboration with other units of the school.

We also asked the team two questions ahead of the fall semester and as they prepare to welcome a new cohort of students to the city.

What are you looking forward to the most with the new incoming cohort and returning students this fall?

Jonida: I am looking forward to the start of the courses with the new MDS programme. It will be great to meet all the staff and students in person and to see Hertie full of life again!

Tom: I am really excited to see students back at Hertie – as a newcomer to the school, I have yet to see what it is like during the semester. I cannot wait to also learn more about the fascinating classes that students will be able to take in Spring 2022.

Marta: It’s my first year in Curricular Affairs, and I am very much looking forward to classes starting. It’s a challenging semester, with students both online and onsite. This has required quite a bit of planning, and it will be a pleasure to see students making Hertie courses come alive!

Juliane: I am most looking forward to meeting the new Executive MPA cohort in person. Not only for incoming students but also for us, it is always a very exciting moment when the new group gets together at the Introductory Course.

Monique: I look forward to meeting students onsite again. I'm already very excited about the new master's thesis projects and exciting internship reports, as well as the feedback on the courses this semester.

Gabriel: Seeing students from all over the world back on campus!

What is your favourite place or thing to do in Berlin?

Jonida: I love photography and jazz and two of my favourite places in Berlin are the C/O Berlin and the b flat Acoustic Music & Jazz Club. Plus, I am a pizza lover, and here in Berlin you can find so many good Neapolitan pizza restaurants.

Tom: I really enjoy discovering new places but also have the same places that I’ve come to know and love. Walking along the Landwehrkanal in Kreuzberg in summer cannot be beaten, with people picnicking and enjoying a drink on the banks of the river.

Marta: Nature, with different options for every season. I’ve been enjoying the lakes in summer and now look forward to long walks in the forests just outside of the city. I also love to keep learning, so I keep track of courses offered in English at the Volkshochschule. Prices are very accessible, and they often have great teachers!

Juliane: Definitely the outdoors: I love going to tree climbing parks, to swim in one of the many lakes in and around Berlin, to relax in parks such as Gärten der Welt or to have a drink in a beer garden. And checking out galleries such as C/O Berlin. 

Monique: I really like taking a trip to the different Kieze in Berlin and discovering their special atmosphere. Many also have a nice market on the weekend. My favourite places to take my children are the many city parks (e.g. Volkspark Friedrichshain, Gleisdreieckpark, Tiergarten) and the many delicious ice cream parlours.

Gabriel: I love walking randomly around the city and discovering unique cafes, restaurants and shops. There is always a hidden gem somewhere, waiting to be discovered!

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