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Take a (virtual) tour of campus

Follow us around our campus in Berlin for #HertieOpenWeek

Get a feel for the Hertie School’s campus in the video tour above.

To accompany our many informative events during this year’s online Open Week, you can also take a virtual tour through all three floors of the Hertie School’s Friedrichstraße 180 campus. Here are some highlights:

View of the foyer after you first enter the building.
Our Central Office team manages the reception desk.
In the cafeteria, you can grab lunch or a snack in between classes, meet your classmates to prepare a project or presentation, or just hang out.
The Hertie School organises a variety of events that take place in the Forum: public lectures, research workshops, seminars, conferences, networking events for students and alumni, the annual consulting fair and more. For big lecture-style courses like economics and statistics – which all MPP and MIA students take in their first semester – you’ll be in the Forum as well.
Our library offers a collection of around 12,000 books catered to the needs of our students and researchers. This selection includes classic and recent literature on political science, sociology, economics and law. The Library Team also manages a large electronic collection of more than 300,000 e-books and 10,000 online journals. This covers the majority of the relevant resources students need and includes many different research databases, such as highly ranked journals, statistics, newspapers, primary data and more. Off campus, you can access all of the Hertie School’s electronic resources online, and also use the libraries of Berlin’s public universities (free of charge with your student ID). Don’t find what you’re looking for? Just reach out to our friendly Library Services colleagues, who will gladly order materials for you on request.
Here you’ll take part in weekly labs led by Hertie School PhD researchers that accompany your statistics and economics courses. In these sessions, you can review what you learned in the lecture that week, work on problem sets and ask your lab instructor for guidance. You’re welcome to use the computer lab too if you have an assignment that requires analysing large data sets.
Small study room with a white table and chairs, with a window in the background and a whiteboard on the wall to the right
Some different areas where you can study on campus. You can check the availability of rooms and book a time slot online.
Large study room with multiple tables and chairs, with windows facing out onto the street below
Reading room on the second floor of the building
Room with walls lined with red bookshelves filled with books. In the foreground: a white table with chairs and a green palm plant.
The Claus Offe Library
A typical room where you’ll have seminars. Usually there are 18-25 students per seminar.
A favourite spot on campus during warmer months in Berlin.

Check out the full Open Week 2021 schedule and get to know the Hertie School community!

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