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Master of International Affairs: get to know the new concentrations!

Starting in fall 2021, MIA students can specialise in International Security, European Governance or Human Rights and Global Governance. Hear from our professors about each concentration.

As you may have already heard, we’ve reformed our Master of International Affairs (MIA) curriculum. As an MIA student starting this fall, you can now specialise in one of three new areas of concentration: International Security, European Governance or Human Rights and Global Governance. You will choose one of these specialisations by the end of your first semester, which will determine which courses you take in your second.

Why the change?

"We redesigned the programme with those three new areas of concentrations for a number of reasons. We think these are really the main questions in international affairs today. These are also the big questions where the Hertie School has great visibility in research, in outreach and visibility in its centres of competence."

— Christine Reh, Dean of Graduate Programmes, Professor of European Politics

We asked professors from the Jacques Delors Centre, the Centre for International Security and the Centre for Fundamental Rights to tell us more about the new MIA concentrations.

European Governance

Mark Dawson, Professor of European Law and Governance, explains what students who are passionate about influencing and changing Europe can look forward to in this specialisation: a thorough foundation in the workings of the EU and Brussels-based institutions, a deep dive into national and transnational dynamics, and also governance in European capitals like Berlin.

Core concentration course I:  EU law and governance
Core concentration course II: The European Union, globalisation and the state
International negotiation: Council of the European Union

International Security

Meet Marina Henke, Director of the Centre for International Security and Professor of International Relations. Students in this stream will take two core courses. One will introduce them to formulating and integrating grand strategy, and the other is on conflict and violence – exploring the causes and consequences of armed, organised violence.

Core concentration course I: War, peace and strategy
Core concentration course II: Conflict and violence
International negotiation: International conflict management

Human Rights and Global Governance

Başak Çalı, Co-Director of the Centre for Fundamental Rights and Professor of International Law, addresses students who would like to effect change, implement reform and enhance human rights protections in institutions around the world. You will examine what role human rights norms and demands play in contemporary global governance challenges.

Core concentration course I: Key challenges in human rights and global governance
Core concentration course II: Global ethics
International negotiation: International diplomacy


Make sure to check out the full overview of the MIA curriculum here. Apply by 1 May to start the programme this September!

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