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Virtual MPP and MIA master’s thesis poster exhibition

Check out the Class of 2020’s posters online.

Every year, we celebrate our graduating class with a master’s thesis poster exhibition in the Hertie School’s Forum. If you’ve visited our campus before, you’ll have seen some thesis posters from past years on display in our cafeteria.

While we couldn’t host an in-person exhibition this year, we’re proud to showcase the work of our newest Master of Public Policy (MPP) and Master of International Affairs (MIA) alumni in a virtual format. There are over 100 posters on display, covering topics such as climate change, labour affairs, social media algorithms, education policy and more. To visit the Class of 2020’s master’s thesis poster exhibition, which runs until 20 September 2020, click here.

Here are some screenshots from our experience touring the virtual gallery:


A time-honoured tradition at the Hertie School, the master’s thesis poster is required of all MPP and MIA students in addition to a written master’s thesis, both of which are submitted at the end of the two-year course. Some students know what they’re going to write about even before they begin their master’s at the Hertie School, while others find a topic they’re passionate about during their studies. Ideally, the master’s thesis complements the mandatory internship students complete in the summer during their first and second years of study.

The Executive Master of Public Administration poster exhibition is scheduled for later this year, so keep your eyes peeled!

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