Alumni Achievement Award

Purpose of the award

The Alumni Achievement Award is presented at the annual Hertie School Alumni Reunion to an outstanding member of the Hertie School Alumni network. The purpose of the award is to honour our alumni’s outstanding accomplishments in public policy or public management in the preceding year. The award recipient must demonstrate an innovative commitment to good governance and be celebrated for their outstanding contribution to their field.

Previous winners from 2015 to 2019 are Joseph Amayga, MPP Class of 2011, Anne-Marie Kortas, MPP Class of 2014, Camilo Sánchez Meertens, MPP Class of 2014, Monica Wills Silva (MPP 2014) and Besa Shahini, MPP class of 2009. Joseph Amayga was honored for his outstanding efforts in economic development and public health in Sierra Leone, while Anne-Marie Kortas has invested a significant amount of energy into the resettlement and integration of Syrian refugees in German Society. Camilo Sánchez Meertens was recognised for his part in developing and implementing health care strategies that were integral to the Colombian peace process. Monica Wills Silva (MPP 2014) won the Award for her work as a Senior Advisor at The Behavioural Insights Team, where she worked with evidence-based approaches which help improve public policy outcomes. Besa Shahini was honoured with the 2019 Alumni Achievement Award for her outstanding service and engagement for the common good as Minister for Education, Sport and Youth in Albania. 


Nomination and selection process

Alumni can be nominated to receive this award by fellow alumni, any member of the Hertie School faculty or administration, or their employer.

Download the nomination form here. Nominations may be emailed to the Alumni Achievement Award Selection Committee at alumniaward(at)hertie-school[dot]org. All nomination materials for the 2020 Alumni Achievement Award must be received no later than January 15th, 2020 to receive consideration.

All completed nominations (which include the nomination form and a current CV, if available) are reviewed by the Alumni Council in February 2020.


Presentation of the award

The recipient of the Alumni Achievement Award is celebrated at the annual Alumni Reunion. The award recipient’s nominator is also invited to attend and to highlight the recipient's achievements. For other questions or inquiries about the nomination or selection process, please email us at alumniaward[at]hertie-school[dot]org.


Alumni video: Meet Albania’s Minister of Education

Besa Shahini discusses her educational journey – as refugee, policy student, and now minister.