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Call for Applications - Alumni Chapter Leads in Berlin, New York City and Bogotá!

We are happy to announce the call for applications for new Chapter Leads in Berlin, New York City and Bogotá!

Are you an alum interested in actively developing and shaping our international alumni network? Do you currently reside in Berlin, New York City or Bogotá? Send us your self-nomination including your CV and a short letter outlining your availability and motivation via alumnirelations[at]hertie-school[dot]org by 30 April 2022 and join our group of Alumni Chapter Leads.

See below for more information about the role.

We look forward to your applications!

What is the role of a Chapter Lead?

The number and variety of events and services offered by Chapters can vary greatly and depend very much on the capacities and interests of the Chapter Lead(s). Examples of events and services include:

  • Professional development-related events: A meeting to sharpen the professional skills of alumni, e.g., a support group for social entrepreneurs, a workshop on career advancement, a group attending a jobs fair.
  • Policy-related events: E.g. a lecture at a local think tank, a weekend-long workshop, a group discussion with a visiting Hertie School professor.
  • Recruitment activities: E.g. a coffee chat with prospective students or representing the Hertie School at a trade fair.
  • A “Stammtisch”: A regularly scheduled meeting of alumni in a restaurant or bar. Typically every four weeks, at a set location, time and day of the week.
  • Cultural events: E.g. attending a concert, an art exhibition, a street festival or a documentary screening.
  • Field trips: E.g. a day-long hiking trip, a weekend-long camping trip, a multi-day trip to meet up with members of another Chapter.
  • Additional services: The Chapter can offer services such as helping new arrivals settle into the local community, organising one-to-one mentorships between new alumni and more established alumni, as well as advocating local interests to the Alumni Council.

Who can lead a Chapter?

  • Any Hertie School alumni with the time to organise two events per year or more
  • A minimum commitment of one year is desirable
  • A group of two to three alumni leading each Chapter is preferred

What support can I expect?

The Hertie School and its Alumni Council support the work of the Chapters and actively strive to establish additional Chapters.

  • We organise a yearly Chapter Lead gathering to exchange experiences and for us to update you on important happenings at the Hertie School. This meeting takes place during the reunion. The Hertie School covers the costs for the flights to Berlin.
  • We can also help you organise speakers, inform you about travel plans of the faculty and, occasionally, offer limited financial support for some events.