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Share your experiences

We are proud of our alumni and their achievements are important to us. We value your time and expertise and would be grateful if you would share your experiences with us.  

Become a speaker at the Hertie School

As alumni, we would like to encourage you to get in touch with the career services team and become a speaker for our Professional Perspective Series. By sharing where your career path has led you after your studies at the Hertie School, current students will have the opportunity to broaden their understanding of possible career options for them.

Become a mentor

Share your knowledge, provide support, job search advice or career guidance to current students. Being a mentor means helping students explore their options. It also helps you to keep connected to the Hertie School and to play a key role in building a dynamic Hertie School community.

Become a Hertie School Country Ambassador

As Country Ambassador you will represent the Hertie School in your country of residence. You support the school by providing prospective students with information on the programme and the student life at the Hertie School. Find out more here

Become a tandem partner

Do you want to boost your language skills in any of your foreign languages? If you are based in Berlin, sign up for the tandem program and practice with a tandem partner from the international student body at the Hertie School. For more information contact the Student Affairs team.

Provide an internship

If your company provides internships that would suit Hertie School students’ profiles, please contact our Careers Department. Another option to support Hertie School students during their internship is to make a donation to the Hertie Internship Fund from Alumni (HIFA). For more information contact the Career Services Team.

If you have other suggestions on how to share your own experiences with the school, fellow alumni or current students, please to not hesitate to contact us: alumnirelations[at]hertie-school[dot]org


Organise or join a Hertie Stammtisch

Sign up if you are interested in meeting former Hertie School students in your town. We can assist you in connecting with other alumni.


Support the Alumni Council

Get in touch with the Alumni Council and find out how you can support their organisation team.


fellows & friends programme

The fellows & friends programme is an overarching unit for the Hertie Foundation’s Alumni and stipendiary and supports them in developing new projects born of their own visions and ideas. The fellows & friends network also includes former students of the Hertie School.

fellows & friends offers the following options for involvement:

  • financial and organisational support for projects
  • career coaching and executive seminars
  • engagement in laboratories and collaboration in thematic networks
  • public events that offer space for critical discourse
  • networking meetings

Overall, the fellows & friends programme seeks to contribute to the improvement of the quality of public discourse as well as to the development of new solutions for the numerous challenges society faces in reference to the goals and activities of the Hertie Foundation.
For more information on the programme, concrete projects and dates please visit our online forum.

Existing thematic networks

Thematic networks are platforms that bring together Hertie fellows with professional experience and/or interest in a certain field. Members may come from the public, private, academic or civil society sectors. These networks have the purpose of facilitating dialogue, knowledge-sharing and learning, to provide a trust-based environment for career path reflection, and to facilitate the development of lasting professional connections among outstanding individuals of diverse backgrounds, nationalities and ages who share a common interest and motivation for further professional development in a field. 
The following thematic networks are currently active:

  • Hertie Energy and Environment Network (HEEN)
  • Hertie Network on Digitalization (HNoD)
  • Central Eastern European Initiative (CEEI)
  • Hertie Social Impact Collaborative
  • Women Leadership Initiative (WLI)

For more please visit us online


Donate to the Hertie School

Help us shape the future of the Hertie School – every contribution counts!

Find out more here.