Centrifugal tendencies in Europe – are common standards still possible?

The European Court of Human Rights was established as a last line of defence for European states to defend their most fundamental values: namely the democratic and rights based nature of their societies. In 2018, the Court and the values it protects have come under unprecedented challenge. Europe's increasing diversity and the election of populist parties across Europe, poses unique challenges to Europe's rights-based order. How can the European Court of Human Rights maintain common standards in the face of this change? Join us for a discussion with Angelika Nußberger, Judge and Vice President of the European Court of Human Rights.

Guest speaker

Angelika Nußberger is Vice-President of the European Court of Human Rights since 1 February 2017. She is Professor of Law and Director of the Institute of Eastern European and Comparative Law at the University of Cologne. She was elected in 2011 by Germany to sit as judge at the ECtHR. From 1993 to 2001 she was research fellow at the Max-Planck-Institute for Foreign and International Social Law in Munich and from 1994 to 1995 visiting researcher at Harvard University.


Mark Dawson is Professor of European Law and Governance at the Hertie School. His research focuses on the relationship between law and policymaking in the EU, particularly economic governance and human rights protection.