Ariadne Analysis: Policy instruments for regional steering in the energy sector

Centre for Sustainability researchers in the news with Ariadne publication analysing policy options for regional steering of renewable energy plants

On 1. June 2022, the Tagesspiegel Background highlighted a just-released paper by Centre for Sustainability researchers Anselm Eicke, Silvana Tiedemann and Stefanie Mieth and their colleagues at the Kopernikus-Projekt Ariadne. The paper, entitled “Regional steering instruments in the electricity sector,” analyses policy options that help to advance the expansion of renewable energy through regional steering of investment decisions.

Currently, the researchers explain, decisions about the siting of new renewable energy plants are made mostly based on cost-benefit calculations, which leads to a strong concentration in windy and sunny regions. They argue that other societal factors, such as local acceptance of new plants or grid infrastructure, should also shape policy decisions around regional steering and expansion of renewables. The authors also discuss grid fee reforms, regional volume control, electricity market design and other policy options for locational steering of renewables.

From the Tagesspiegel: “The recommendation for policymakers is clear: ‘We recommend regional steering of the expansion, especially of renewable energies, that is geared toward taking the best possible account of the local acceptance of the plants and avoiding high grid costs.’ To this end, local participation opportunities should be strengthened and grid cost aspects should be taken into account.” 

Read the full paper here. (in German)

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