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Event highlight: What does it take to be an impactful digital transformation leader – in government and beyond?

Moderated by Professor Luciana Cingolani, Siim Sikkut presented his book on impactful digital transformation leaders to the Hertie School community. The book is a compilation of interviews with 20 remarkable digital government leaders from around the world about how to effectively lead the digital transformation of governments.

During the presentation, Mr. Sikkut explained his findings about how to make a government “go digital”. Furthermore, he highlighted leadership styles and practices for effective as well as lasting delivery of digital strategies and reforms. Leading digital transformations means also being a political strategist while networking to persuade others to the cause, Mr. Sikkut argued. In addition, he said, working for lasting change while having a strong sight on user and value creation was crucial. Finally, being restless to getting things done and delivering was a key success factor.

You can listen to the recording further below.