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Juan Auz describes climate litigation in Latin America as an emergent practice

In an interview with DW Español, Auz, PhD candidate at the Centre for Fundamental Rights, reflects on the trajectory and constraints of climate litigation in Latin America. 

In an interview on 27 January with the Spanish speaking version of German news outlet DW Auz talked about some differences between climate litigation in the Global North and in Latin America.  

He explained that, despite a timid growth in climate cases in Latin America, there is no comparison with the thousands of cases in Global North jurisdictions. “This asymmetry can be explained because the Global North has specialized legislation that allows individuals and organizations to have a benchmark for assessing compliance”, said Auz. “Latin American climate legislation, on the other hand, is just emerging and its implementation is gradual”, he added.  

Read the full story in Spanish here

  • Juan Auz , Doctoral Programme in Governance 2019