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Marina Henke examines Ukraine’s counteroffensive as an expert guest on Deutsche Welle

On DW’s To the Point, the Professor of International Relations and Director of the Centre for International Security discusses the current state of the war on Ukraine.

In the television roundtable "Ukraine's counteroffensive: how will Putin react?", alongside fellow guests Wilfred Jilge (DGAP) and Vladimir Esipov (DW), Prof. Marina Henke, PhD, addressed the state of play in Ukraine as the Ukrainians announce some territorial gains. Henke explained that the Ukrainian counteroffensive is made up of small operations testing out holes and weaknesses and that it is too early to conclude which side is stronger. She also commented on Russia’s targeting of civilian infrastructure such as the Nova Kakhovka dam, the infighting between the Wagner Group and the Russian government, the role of NATO’s military exercises, and how the war may continue from here.   

Watch the segment here.

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  • Marina Henke, Professor of International Relations | Director, Centre for International Security