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The German Constitutional Court and the ECB

FT column features Mark Dawson and Ana Bobić on the legality of the ECB's pandemic emergency purchase programme.

The Financial Times columnist Wolfgang Münchau featured the legal opinions of Hertie School Professor of European Law Mark Dawson and Postdoctoral Researcher Ana Bobić in his column, "Don't blame German judges if they say no to ECB Asset Purchases." The piece about the legality of the European Central Bank's Pandemic Emergency Purchase Programme (PEPP) appeared on 3 May ahead of a German Constitutional Court decision on 5 May.

On Tuesday, the Court gave the ECB three months to justify bond purchases under its stimulus programme or said the Deutsche Bundesbank would not be able to participate. Dawson and Bobić's arguments were featured in their opinion piece in the Verfassungsblog on 27 March. The Spanish newspaper El Pais also republished the piece on 3 May.

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