The Hertie School offers tailor-made trainings for clients across all sectors: public administration, business, international organisations, non-profits, the media, think tanks and academia. 

So far, we have served more than 1,000 participants from Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. State-of-the-art knowledge, learning through best-practice cases as well as access to a network of Hertie School faculty and leading experts have helped participants create impact within their home institutions and well beyond.

Programmes combine policy insights, innovation in governance and administration as well as capacity development through leadership and management skills.

Selected areas of expertise

Public administration and public finance

  • Fiscal Governance and Public Financial Management
  • Public Sector Innovation and E-Government
  • Capacity Building and Performance Management
  • New Forms of Governance and Citizen Participation 

Management and leadership in business and government

  • Regulation and Compliance
  • Corporate Governance
  • Public-Private Partnerships
  • Corporate Social Responsibility 
  • Communication Management 
  • Interest representation
  • Value-based Leadership
  • Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Negotiation, Mediation and Conflict Management

German politics, European integration and global governance

  • The German Model: Key Features and Success Factors
  • European Governance and Politics 
  • Global Governance and International Cooperation
  • Rule of Law, Judicial Reform and Anti-Corruption


  • Fiscal and Monetary Policy
  • Economic Policy, Development and Trade
  • Sustainability, Energy and Climate Change
  • Social Policy, Education and Public Health
  • International Politics and Security
  • Demography and Migration
  • Cultural Policy


Customised programmes employ a wide range of teaching and learning formats:

  • workshops
  • expert lectures
  • roundtables and fireside chats
  • site visits and field trips
  • blended learning and e-learning
  • debates and simulation games

and, of course...

  • facilitation of peer learning because participants’ experiences and expertise is an invaluable source

Programmes vary in duration:

  • a couple of hours (“coffee break learning”)
  • a couple of days (in-depth workshops including practical insights and cultural programmes)
  • a couple of weeks (long-term seminars and academies)

Didactical advice is offered by the Centre for Teaching Innovations at the Hertie School.


What we offer

Training programmes are customised to meet the needs and interests of our clients. Hertie School faculty members are joined by leading experts from business, politics, administration and civil society to introduce participants to state-of-the-art knowledge and cutting-edge tools.

Each programme is unique. They cater to the group’s learning objectives and offer skills and techniques to foster the individual personal development of each participant.

To facilitate this, each programme is tailor-made, both in terms of content and teaching format.