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Alumi Dinner Transformational Certificate 2023.

Three public policy schools, three cities, three modules, one certificate … endless learning!

In consortium with the Intersectoral School of Governance Baden-Württemberg (ISoG BW) at the Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg (DHBW), Hertie School Executive Education successfully launched in 2022 the Transformational Certificate Executive Training Programme. The training consists of three modules held in three different regions in Germany, aiming to introduce executives to the concepts and dimensions of systemic transformation in their regions. Theoretical content is contextualized through various learning formats that provide practical, hands-on knowledge and insights into recent developments in specific areas of transformation.

Programme Outline

Our society needs Transformational Leadership. But why?

The concept of the "great transformation" is a pivotal topic, especially during the formation of the new German coalition in autumn 2021. It entails the restructuring of society into an ecologically, economically, and socially sustainable entity. This theme encompasses both the technical-administrative aspect, addressing how such a transformation can be technically and regulatory initiated, as well as the political aspect concerning the societal priorities to be established in this process. The "great transformation" is expected to become one of the potentially conflict-laden leadership topics in public administration, business, and civil society in the 2020s, particularly in the context of European frameworks.

The Transformational Leadership training programme is a response to the pressing need for effective leadership in navigating the "great transformation" of society towards ecological, economic, and social sustainability, a key topic in government formation in 2021. Led by the Intersectoral School of Governance Baden-Württemberg (ISoG BW) and the Hertie School Executive Education, this initiative aims to equip the new generation of leaders with a deep understanding of sustainability issues, governance strategies, and cross-sectoral networks. It addresses challenges across public administration, business, and civil society, offering a vital contribution from German Schools of Governance.

Programme Design

The programme comprises three workshops annually, taking place at Hertie School in Berlin, the Intersectoral School of Governance (ISoG BW) in Heilbronn, and a third city, which rotates based on the participation of the third German School of Governance. These workshops cover essential knowledge related to transformation, values, mindset, reflection, methods, strategy development, and networking. Renowned speakers from across Germany, along with distinguished faculty members from the respective schools and representatives from politics and civil society, contribute as facilitators.

Pilot Programme

The ISoG BW, the Hertie School, and Willy-Brandt-School of Governance conducted an inaugural pilot programme in the summer of 2022. This pilot initiative consisted of three two-day workshops held in Stuttgart, Berlin, and Erfurt. The programme engaged 22 executives from prominent entities such as the Federal Chancellery, Bundesministerium des Innern und für Heimat (BMI), Bundesministerium für Arbeit und Soziales (BMAS), Deutsche Bahn, Bosch, Mercedes-Benz, Deutschland – Land der Ideen, Helmut-Schmidt-Stiftung, among others.

The workshops provided participants with an overview and initial insights into pertinent transformational domains, including transportation and mobility, migration, crisis or transformation governance, energy/climate transformation, and digitalization, as well as discussions on mindset, attitudes, and hands-on empirical methods led by distinguished facilitators such as Armin Nassehi, Claudia Major, Wolfgang Merkel, Timo Meinhardt, Tamara Koloma-Beck, and others. The pilot programme underscored a pressing need among participants for knowledge and reflection regarding the imminent challenges of transformation in Germany. Simultaneously, there was a strong desire expressed to establish lasting networks and collaborations on topics and projects related to transformation.

Target Audience

The workshops are designed for executives from government, business, and civil society. They offer an opportunity for participants to connect with thematic networks through the speakers and to establish action-oriented networks among themselves. Specifically addressing executives in public administration, business, and civil society. This certificate not only enhances professional development but also contributes to the collective effort of building a more sustainable and resilient society within Germany.


Nominations for the 2023 edition are closed. Stay tuned for the next edition in 2024!

Course Fee

There is no charge for the executive training programme itself. However, participants are responsible for arranging and covering the costs of accommodation and transportation in the different cities.

Kick-off Transormational Certificate 2023 with Prof. Dr. Andrea Römmele, Prof. Dr. Monika Gonser and Dr. Martin Florack.

Faculty and experts

The programme included sessions with:

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