Data Science Lab

Help desk

The purpose of the Data Science Lab's help desk is to give help and advice on methodological and/or technical issues that appear in the course of your research. The help desk is mostly focused on questions of research design, quantitative measurement and statistical inference, computational tools (particularly R and text analysis), and data or results visualisation, but we're also happy to weigh in on other types of question if you think that would be useful. If in doubt, just drop us an email and ask. Email addresses are linked below.

Areas of focus

  • Will Lowe: Research design, causal inference, statistical modeling; data wrangling, visualisation, text analysis (statistical or manual), GIS (maps), code optimisation and parallel computing, all in R. Basic python consulting.
  • Allison Koh: Learning R and RStudio. Data wrangling, visualisation, and working with text data in Python, R, and Stata.

Office hours and appointments

Hertie School students can check the help desk's current office hours and book an appointment on Moodle.