Press release

Andrea Römmele transfers to Hertie School

Prof. Dr. Andrea Römmele will transfer from the International University Bruchsal to the Hertie School in Berlin. Professor Römmele will hold the newly-created position of Professor for Communication in Politics and Civil Society, which is supported by the Initiative ProDialog.

With the appointment of Professor Römmele, the Hertie School will expand its faculty to 16 professorships, while at the same time bridging a gap in the school's research and teaching portfolio. "With Andrea Römmele, we have been able to attract one of Germany's most noted communications academics to the Hertie School. We are happy that ProDialog is involved with the school, thereby making it possible for us to expand our expertise in this area," said Helmut K. Anheier, Dean of the Hertie School.

"Our goal is to stimulate the dialogue between politics, civil society, and business and to convey knowledge in the are of dialogue communication. We have found an ideal partner in the form of the Hertie School in order to to facilitate this with the decision-makers of tomorrow and on an excellent scientific basis," said Kerstin Plehwe, Chair of Initiative ProDialog.

Andrea Römmele is a proven expert in the fields of political communication and consultancy, election campaign analysis, and political parties. Her research interests also include empirical comparisons of political communication, communication of NGOs, and dialogue-oriented communication.

Andrea Römmele studied Political Science and History in Heidelberg and the USA (Berkeley and San Francisco). In 1994, she received her PhD in Heidelberg for the topic of Corporate Funding in Party and Election Financing. She has taught at the Universities of Göttingen and Mannheim, where she spent several years as a research project director. From 2006 to 2009, she was programme director and Professor for Communication Management at the International University Bruchsal. Andrea Römmele is also a communication consultant for politics and business and is a sought-after lecturer for executive seminars, both in Germany and abroad. Since the election year 2009, she has regularly commented on recent political developments in her 'Wahlen nach Zahlen' weblog for German weekly Die Zeit. Professor Römmele will also bring the magazine 'Zeitschrift für Politikberatung' (ZPB), which she founded and published, with her to Berlin.

The Initiative ProDialog was founded in Berlin in 2005 and is supported by Deutsche Post. Goal of this non-party organisation is the strengthening of democracy and engagement by way of stimulating dialogue competency, an exchange of knowledge, and networking for protagonists from politics, business, and civil society.