Christian Joerges releases his new book

Different governance models examined in ‘The European Crisis and the Transformation of Transnational Governance’.

Hertie School Professor of Law and Society Christian Joerges recently published a new book The European Crisis and the Transformation of Transnational Governance, co-edited with Carola Glinski (University of Bremen), in which European and transnational developments are compared and evaluated.

The ambition of this book, which builds upon many years of close co-operation between its contributors, is to promote a viable interdisciplinary alternative to new transnational challenges. In the EU, for example, confidence in democratic transnational governance has been shaken by the authoritarian and unsocial practices of crisis management. The first section of the book contrasts Europe's new modes of economic governance and crisis management with the conditionality of international investments, and reflects upon the communalities and differences between emergency Europe and global exceptionalism. Subsequent sections substantiate the problématique of executive and technocratic rule, explore conflict constellations of prime importance in the fields of environmental and labour law, and discuss the impact and limits of liberalisation strategies.

The European Crisis and the Transformation of Transnational Governance: Authoritarian Managerialism versus Democratic Governance
Edited by: Christian Joerges, Carola Glinski
Hart Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-84946-632-5
405 pages
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