European crisis topic of debate in German ordoliberalism conference

Scholars from across Europe discuss the European crisis and Germany’s role in the development of ordoliberalism.

From 13-14 May,  the Hertie School hosted the conference, Ordoliberalism as an Irritating German Idea, bringing together scholars from across Europe to discuss the European Crisis and Germany’s role in the development of ordoliberalism, the economic, social and ethical theory that has been central for the development of the country’s post-war economics.  Participants in the conference will come together to critically engage in reaching a deeper understanding of what ordoliberalism achieves, and to contribute to ongoing dialogues focusing on politically-constructive Europeanisation of contestation and opinion-building.

Alongside Hertie School professor Christian Joerges, the conference hosted Free University of Berlin Professor of Law Heike Schweitzer, Albert Weale from the University College London’s School of Public Policy, Angela Wigger from Radboud University Nijmegen’s Department of Political Science, and other specialists in the fields of governance, law and political science.