Expert workshop at the Higher School of Economics in Russia

Hertie School faculty and students participated in an expert workshop at our partner university in Moscow.

The exchange is part of a partnership agreement which both universities signed in 2013. Together with their HSE peers they discussed the role of innovations in enhancing the sustainability of NGOs.

Faculty members of both universities provided academic input, such as HSE’s First Vice Rector Lev Yakobson and Hertie School’s President Helmut Anheier, as well as professors Michaela Kreyenfeld, Mark Hallerberg and Senior Fellow Jobst Fiedler.

The students contributed with insights into their research projects. “Our perspectives were sometimes very different, which made the debate intriguing”, Hertie School PhD student Alexandra Ioan noted. She presented her findings on social enterprises.

The programme was round out with trips to Moscow, which allowed for an informal exchange, sightseeing activities and a visit to a NGO in the health sector. The Russian students will visit the Hertie School in upcoming autumn.