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French elections: Macron elected president

Hertie School Faculty weigh in on the election results.

"Macron is a doer"

ZEIT Online interviewed Henrik Enderlein about France's president elect and the importance of Franco-German cooperation (in German).  

Macron's to-do list

"If Macron fails, Europe fails," said Henrik Enderlein in an interview with ZDF's heute+. Watch the interview in the ZDF Mediathek (in German). 

Brussels ‘crossing fingers’ for Macron

Henrik Enderlein said that Macron left his mark in Germany as French minister, including with Wolfgang Schaeuble, the EU’s most influential economic official. “It’s totally against the grain to get elected in 2017 saying I want more Europe and that is what has made an impression in Germany,” Enderlein said.

France needs a fresh start

Deutschlandfunk interviewed Henrik Enderlein on the eve of the election (in German).

How Macron wants to unite the left and right

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung quoted Henrik Enderlein in an article about Macron's agenda for France's future (in German). Jean Pisani-Ferry is also mentioned in the article.

"Baron Noir" and the French election 

Kai Wegrich was interviewed by Deutschlandfunk (in German).

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