Genia Kostka joins Hertie School's core faculty

Kostka has been appointed as the new Professor of Governance of Energy and Infrastructure. 

With the beginning of the new academic year, the Hertie School welcomes Genia Kostka as new Professor of Governance of Energy and Infrastructure. Kostka, who holds a PhD in Development Studies, has been working as an Assistant Professor for Chinese Business Studies at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management and a Professorial Fellow at Tsinghua University, Research Center for Technological Innovation Beijing, China. Prior to that, she was a strategic management consultant for McKinsey & Company in Berlin. Her research interests include energy governance, public policy, and political economy, with a regional focus on China.

The Chair of Governance of Energy and Infrastructure is supported by the Karl Schlecht Foundation.

Kostka’s new paper Barriers to the implementation of environmental policies at the local level in China has just been published in the World Bank Research Paper series.