Global governance in the internet era

Markus Jachtenfuchs and Nina Hall host workshop on international relations and the internet.

From international advocacy in the digital era to the governance of cybersecurity, the international group of contributors will engage in two days of in-depth debate on a range of topics related to the internet's transformative impact on global politics. 

The workshop, an initiative of Markus Jachtenfuchs and Nina Hall, was hosted by the Hertie School's European and Global Governance Research Cluster on 22-23 June.


Programme highlights:

Hans Klein (Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, US) 

A Truly Independent Agency: Is ICANN’s Autonomy from State Oversight Available?

Discussant: Henry Farrell


Jan Aart Scholte (University of Gothenburg)

Complex Hegemony: The IANA Transition in Global Internet Governance

Discussant: Michael Manulak


Stephanie Hofmann (Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva) and Patryk Pawlak (European Parliamentary Research Service)  

Breaking Bad? How and Why IOs Expand Their Role in the Government of Cybersecurity

Discussant: Tina Freyberg


Moritz Weiss and Vytautas Jankauskas (Ludwig-Maximilians-University,Munich)

Governing Cybersecurity: Hybrid and Indirect?

Discussant: Natasha Tusikov


Hans Peter Schmitz (University of San Diego)

The Organizational Effects of Digital Tools: NGOs and Their Role in Global Governance

Discussant: Jaan Aart Scholte


Nina Hall (Hertie School)

International Advocacy in the Digital Era, Campaigning for Refugee Rights in 2015 and 2016 

Discussant: Daniela Stockmann (Hertie School)


Alexandra Cosima Budabin (University of Dayton Human Rights Center)

When Digital Saviours Stand Corrected: Exploring Counter-Campaigns in Hashtag Activism

Discussant: Hans Schmitz


Michael W. Manulak and Duncan Snidal (Oxford University)

Power Diffusion and “Soft” Institutionalization in the Internet Era

Discussant: Hans Klein


Henry Farell and Abraham Newman (Georgetown University)

Linkage Politics in the Digital Age

Discussant: Markus Jachtenfuchs


Tina Freyburg, Lisa Garbe and Veronique Wavre (University of St Gallen)

Who Owns the Internet and Why Does it Matter? Ownership of Telecommunications Infrastructure in Sub-Saharan Africa

Discussant: Nina Hall


Natasha Tusikov (Brock University)

Role of the Coercive State in Shaping “Voluntary” Online Regulation

Discussant: Moritz Weiss