Handelsblatt jury elects "People of the Year 2015” at Hertie School

Hertie School students vote for Kiron University, with guest articles by Helmut K. Anheier and Henrik Enderlein.

Hertie School President Helmut K. Anheier and Professor of Political Economy Henrik Enderlein were both on the 2015 Handelsblatt jury which selected the “Persons of the Year” for the third time. The jury met at the Hertie School to elect the winners in a number of categories. In addition, Hertie School students were asked to elect the “Discovery of the Year” in a school-wide online vote. Their choice: The founders of Kiron University, an initiative which gives refugees access to higher education.

‘We are doing this, because we can’ is the Kiron University motto. “This attitude is representative of many of Germany’s young volunteers who have taken personal ownership of the challenges of the last year”, write Hertie School students Klara Schröder and Isabel Vera in their laudation published in Handelsblatt on 11 December 2015. The same issue features an article by Helmut Anheier about US President Barack Obama: by overcoming domestic opposition and achieving success in foreign policy Obama has shown unexpected resolve and political perseverance. Henrik Enderlein contributed a piece on France’s Minister of Economy Emmanuel Macron, describing him as 2015’s political shooting star – a ray of hope for France and Europe in troublesome times.