Handelsblatt "People of the Year 2014” election at the Hertie School

Guest articles by Helmut K. Anheier and Henrik Enderlein, while students vote for John Oliver. 

Hertie School President Helmut K. Anheier and Professor of Political Economy Henrik Enderlein were both on the 2014 Handelsblatt jury which selected the “Persons of the Year” for the second time. The jury met at the Hertie School to elect the winners in 21 categories from “Manager of the Year” to “Strategist of the Year” and even “Disappointment of the Year”. In addition, Hertie School students were asked to elect the “Discovery of the Year” in a school-wide online vote. Their choice: Comedian, John Oliver.
“John Oliver tackles relevant issues by revealing the facts and presenting them in a hilarious way”, write Hertie School students Benjamin F. Gaiser and Daniel Salgado Moreno in an article published in Handelsblatt on 12 December 2014, outlining why Oliver topped the category. The same issue includes an article by Helmut Anheier about Federal Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who was voted “Politician of the Year”, crediting Steinmeier’s merits in representing Germany as a “soft power” in current political crises. Henrik Enderlein contributed a critical piece about the “Alternative for Deutschland” party head Bernd Lucke, who was voted “Troublemaker of the Year”.

  • Helmut Anheier’s piece (in German) about Frank-Walter Steinmeier is available for download here.

  • Henrik Enderlein’s article (in German) about Bernd Lucke is available for download here.

  • The students' article (in German) about John Oliver can be found here.

All articles were first published in the 12 December 2014 issue of Handelsblatt. All rights reserved.