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Hertie School reaccredited for ten years

Five year extension of right to award doctorates recommended.

Berlin, 23 October 2017 – The Hertie School has once again received full accreditation as a university for the next ten years. This is the longest accreditation period that can be awarded to a private university within the framework of the institutional accreditation by the German Science Council, a period of time which is rarely awarded. The Council has also recommended that the Berlin senate extend the Hertie School’s right to award doctorates for another five years. These are the results of a comprehensive evaluation process by the German Science Council.

In its statement on the Hertie School’s institutional reaccreditation, the German Science Council emphasised the school’s consistent culture of excellence in teaching and research. The study conditions at the Hertie School are also considered to be very good. The high career entry rate of graduates and their positions within the national and international labour market are testaments to the good reputation of the school’s master’s degrees.

Frank-Jürgen Weise, Chairman of the Board of the Hertie Foundation, says: “The Scientific Council has concluded that the Hertie School fulfils its claim to combine a scientific foundation with a practice-oriented approach, and as a professional school adds to the German university landscape. We could not hope for a better result 14 years after the establishment of this new educational model in Germany. We would like to thank President Helmut K. Anheier, the faculty, researchers and employees at the Hertie School for their outstanding efforts.”

More information can be found in this press release by the the German Science Council (in German):

The full report can be accessed here (in German):

The Hertie School is a private university based in Berlin, Germany, accredited by the state and the German Science Council. It prepares exceptional students for leadership positions in government, business, and civil society. Interdisciplinary and practice-oriented teaching, first-class research and an extensive international network set the Hertie School apart and position it as an ambassador of good governance, characterised by public debate and engagement. The school was founded at the end of 2003 as a project of the Hertie Foundation, which remains its major partner.

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