Klaus Hurrelmann presents new IfD Allenbasch study on career choices

German teenagers are very undecided and rely on their parents' advice, inadvertently continuing social inequalities. 

On behalf of the Vodafone-Foundation, the Institut für Demoskopie Allensbach (IfD Allensbach) has conucted a study about career orientation of the German youth among students at German secondary schools. Results include that many students are very undecided about their future careers for a very long time and that they are very much influenced by their parents' career choices.

Klaus Hurrelmann commented on the study at the Federal Press Conference Building today and put the results in a scientific context: „The solidarity between children and parents may result in an unintentional and involuntarily continuation of social inequality from one generation to the next." Hurrelmann thus supports a institutionalised approach for professional and individual career consulting.

Please find further information about the study and press material for download on the Vodafone-Foundation's website.

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