Online and open to all: Hertie School launches its first MOOC

Enrol now free of charge for our Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on governance and policy advice.

The Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) “Governance and Policy Advice: How Political Decisions Come to Life” is open to everybody and free of charge (“audit track”). It will commence on 14 October 2014 and will run until Christmas 2014.

Sign up today and explore the real dynamics of modern day politics with us!

In ten chapters, Prof. Andrea Römmele will be joined by academics and practitioners to explore the inner workings of policy advice and political consulting as well as their impact on governance. The course is hosted on iversity.

A look behind the scenes

This course is designed to outline key features of policy advice and political consulting and their impact on governance. Crucial questions are: What happens ‘behind the scenes’ of political decisions? Who advises politicians, and how big is their influence? Why are some experts being ignored, while others appear to be an integral part of the political system? What role does research play in policy advice, and what makes an expert? And last but not least: Whom should politicians and society listen to and what should they make of the advice they get?

What is good policy advice?

The course will explore political analysis and strategy as well as different policy fields such as economic policy and foreign policy. We will observe the key players including those behind the scenes, and we will analyse their patterns of interaction. We will also talk about international advice and citizens’ involvement. And we will try to give you an idea about a question that probably has no correct answer: What is good policy advice?

This course is useful for beginners who are interested in politics, political communication, policy advice, and consulting. It is designed to address the demands of professionals and experts in these fields who want to take a closer look at actors, institutions, and critical questions they might face in their professional lives.