Online magazine Makronom ranks Hertie School and profs in top 10 econ policy influencers on Twitter

Ranking of people, institutions active in Germany, Switzerland and Austria (DACH) region.

The online policy magazine Makronom ranked the Hertie School and two of its professors among the top ten economic policy influencers on Twitter in the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). Among 60 institutional profiles on the social media platform, the Hertie School  ranked ninth, but was the number one university – the rest of the top ten were think tanks or foundations.

Henrik Enderlein, Professor of Political Economy and Director of the Jacques Delors Institute, and Claudia Kemfert, Professor of Energy Economics and Sustainability and Head of the department Energy, Transportation, Environment at the German Institute of Economic Research (DIW Berlin), were ranked among the top ten individual Twitter users whose analysis, reports and opinions are widely read on the service. Enderlein came in tenth and Kemfert ninth from a pool of 180 individual Twitter profiles that met certain criteria.

To be ranked among the top influencers, an individual must be from Germany, Switzerland or Austria and be active in the region, must mainly focus on economic policy topics and have at least 150 followers, Makronom said.

Read the article in Makronom from 18 January 2017.