Press release

Study: Majority of young people from Balkan states want to emigrate

Professor Klaus Hurrelmann: pessimism of the young people is worrying.

A new study under the leadership of Hertie School Professor Klaus Hurrelmann has found that the majority of people between the ages of 14 and 29 in the Balkan states are very sceptical about the political developments in their home countries and thus see very little chances of building a successful career there. For this reason many of them want to emigrate, the dream destinations being  Germany, the United Kingdom, Switzerland or the USA.

Hurrelmann cooperated with leading researchers from Albania, Kosovo, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Bosnia-Herzegovina for the study commissioned by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

“The pessimism of the young people is worrying and should alarm the EU,“ said Hurrelmann. “Young southeast Europeans display disconcertingly little interest in politics and their lack of trust in political and social institutions is strong. In most of the countries we investigated only a third of 14-29 year olds are willing to become politically engaged.”

For more about the study's findings and recommendations please read the German summary or the full study by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.