We are accepting scholarship applications on a rolling basis

Funding available for MPP, MIA and Executive MPA programmes

Prospective Hertie School students can apply for a number of scholarships and other financial aid in the form of grants, loans or student jobs.  Around 50% of the Hertie School community receives funding for their studies, both from the school and from external sources.

In addition to tuition waivers, the school also offers several special-focus scholarships and stipends. One example is the Hertie School Fellowship. This 25% tuition waiver is open to all MPP and MIA applicants who have been granted a stipend from one of the German Begabtenförderungswerke. Find out more about the other special-focus scholarships for MPP and MIA students.

For Executive MPA participants, the school offers special scholarships for applicants from Central and Eastern Europe, for public servants, or women in leadership positions, among others. Find out more about the Executive MPA scholarships and how to apply.

Among the newest and most innovative forms of external funding for EU citizens and permanent residents are the Hertie School Education Funds. Based on the idea of the reversed generational contract, these loans cover 100% of tuition and students are required to start repaying the loan once they start earning 30,000 euros annually. 

Scholarships and external funding