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What do Hertie School students get up to – after hours?

© Home from Hertie / Carla Hustedt and Torben Klausa

Student-run blog sheds light on classmates’ lives and shows that these are even more colourful than you would expect.

What do Hertie School students do, when they are not in class or studying? Torben Klausa and Carla Hustedt, both members of the MPP Class of 2016 have initiated a project in which they go behind the scenes of their classmates’ everyday lives. Did you know for example, that Faruk Tuncer has founded several NGOs in the area of education and educational justice in the German school system? Or that Laia Garrido Angaron likes to contrast her studies at the Hertie School with strolls through Neukölln? Check out all of the original interviews on Torben’s and Clara’s blog Home from Hertie.