What’s behind the delays in large infrastructure projects?

Genia Kostka and Jobst Fiedler investigate this pressing question in their recently published book.

Good planning early on and long-term governance thinking are at the heart of successful infrastructure projects, according to a new book by The Hertie School’s Genia Kostka and Jobst Fiedler. The book, Large Infrastructure Projects in Germany, published by Palgrave MacMillan, is the culmination of  research whose results were first released in 2015.

It examines why some large infrastructure projects are delayed or compromised and offers important insights into the better delivery of future projects. The study analyses the scale, patterns and causes of cost overruns in 170 large public infrastructure projects in Germany. Projects from the building, transportation, defence, energy and ICT sectors are analysed based on systematically planned versus real budgets. Three detailed case studies on the Berlin Airport BER, the Elb Philarmonic and Offshore Wind Parks round out the investigation. A working paper and the case studies were first released in 2015.

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  • Jobst Fiedler , Professor Emeritus of Public and Financial Management