Hertie School offers new scholarship and loan programme for Honduran students

Financial aid cooperation with HonduFuturo supports MPP and MIA students.

The Hertie School and Honduaran educational non-profit HonduFutoro are offering five new comprehensive loan-scholarships for students applying to the Master of Public Policy and Master of International Affairs programmes. Scholarship recipients will receive a 25% tuition waiver from the Hertie School and a loan for the remaining tuition fees and living costs from HonduFuturo, with the possibility of a 40% scholarship of the loan amount if they meet certain requirements.

The HonduFuturo loan can provide students with up to US$25,000 per year for a maximum of 2 years.  In total, students can getthe group will pay up to US$50,000 and students can use the money as they wish to cover their tuition, living expenses and campus fees.  If recipients complete their degree then return to Honduras and remain in the country for at least 3-5 years, HonduFuturo awards a 40% scholarship of the loaned amount.

HonduFuturo is a non-profit organisation that offers academic counselling and financing to Hondurans who wish to pursue postgraduate studies at the best universities around the world.  The organisation also offers labour intermediation programmes to entice beneficiaries to return to Honduras and contribute their knowledge to the development of the country. 


More information on the scholarship