Jacques Delors Centre


Mission statement

At the Jacques Delors Centre, academic research goes hand in hand with the development of concrete ideas for future-oriented EU policies.

In our think tank work, our analyses provide an independent, non-partisan view of European policy processes and decisions. We develop concrete proposals for a better Europe. Through a variety of different formats and channels, we share our findings and ideas with decision-makers and the interested public and put political developments into perspective in real time.

In our research work, we systematically close knowledge gaps on European integration. In close exchange with scholars from all over the world, we conduct theoretically-grounded empirical EU research from legal, political, and economic perspectives.

The synergies between academic and policy analysis make the Jacques Delors Centre a unique place for European research, debate, and visions. Our academic findings form a key starting point for our policy recommendations, and our think tank work provides the impetus for further research activities. By integrating the two, we bring facts and analysis to the discussions on European policy and drive them forward. This way, we strive to promote a strong Europe in the spirit of our namesake Jacques Delors.