Centre for Digital Governance


The Centre explores the perspectives of a European governance approach to digitalisation as an alternative to China's authoritarian and the US-American business-driven governance models, thus contributing to the development of "good statesmanship" in the digital age. In order to achieve this, the Centre combines evidence-based analyses of digitalisation phenomena with insights from good governance and normative standards to assess the impact of policies. It takes an interdisciplinary, intersectoral and collaborative approach from a global perspective that aspires to bridge informational gaps between policy areas and geographies.

The Centre's work addresses four sets of interrelated research questions. Our methods combine:

  • A public policy/governance perspective with a focus on government-business relations, regulation and ethical implications of digitalisation


  • A public management/administration perspective with a focus on transforming government (policy, service delivery) through digitalisation.

The Centre for Digital Governance cooperates closely with the School’s Data Science Lab directed by Slava Jankin.